Puzzle: Ziggy Stardust

Via Rock Saws: Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars puzzle. These album cover puzzles are a bit hit-and-miss. Because the original cover art was not designed to be a puzzle, there are often large volumes of just single color or very light texture. That isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself, but the … Read more

Puzzle: NASA Photomosaic

Ok, this one was truly torturous. Had to keep a magnifying glass next to the puzzle table for this one – lots of detail in each photo, but also lots of repetition of similar motifs in different places. Did the edges, then the white circle and NASA logo, then the orange, the the central blue … Read more

Puzzle: Cinque Terre, Italy

Another Buffalo Games puzzle: Cinque Terre Italy, from their Signature Collection Challenging one but fun – lots of detail, so it takes time to do but isn’t just large masses of color you have to guess about. We visited Cinque Terre a decade plus ago, but didn’t have time to hike up to this vista.

Rock Album Cover Puzzles

Intersection of interests – puzzles and record covers. Good quality version (above), not so great quality version (below) Actually both were good fun as puzzles – it’s just that the second one seems like it was put together by ChatGPT in response to a badly formed query – check out: Ultimately still fun to put … Read more


I know lots of folks picked up new hobbies during the pandemic era. We didn’t, but actually in the last few months have started to do jigsaw puzzles, inspired by this one which we sent to the 10up team late last year.