Reblog via Jonathan Desrosiers Today is Matt Mullenweg’s 40th birthday. While I’m not particularly close to him, I do consider him a friend in some ways. I’ve met him in person many times, though it’s often very brief. In the 17+ years I’ve used WordPress, I’ve also listened to him talk more than I can … Read more

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I don’t think “passing the Turning Test” is the goal for AI anymore.

It was for decades. But now that it’s nearby, I think we demand that it not be like a human, but 100x better than a human.

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Videos from Design System Day are online! 🎥🍿

Watch the sessions on
– the impact of research operations when conducting user research at scale
– reflections on creating the Scottish Government Digital Design System
– what we’ve been up to on the GOV.‌UK Design System, and where we’re headed
– a panel session on how design systems manage contributions
– a panel session on trauma-informed research and design
– design systems don’t solve problems, people do

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16 years after the DiSo Project¹ kicked off² to turn WordPress blogs into identity hubs of a vast, open, and decentralized social web, ActivityPub (the successor to has now landed in core³.

This is huge for the fediverse! 🥳

Congrats @pfefferle!