Although work and life are increasingly intertwined for me as for many people, I’d classify all of the following as being extracurricular activities.

I’m one of the founding organizers of WordCamp Boston. Our first event in January of 2010 was a great success, as was 2011, 2012, and 2013. WordCamp is a community-driven conference for users of WordPress, including developers, designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and educators of all kinds.

I’ve developed a number of miscellaneous things including some Drupal modules and WordPress plugins, the most visible of which is probably WPBook, which exposes your WordPress blog inside Facebook, including importing of Facebook comments back to the WordPress comments database. You can find some other useful (I hope) bits of code at Github/jeckman

I also provide technical assistance to the International Vegan Association, serve on the advisory board for Food Empowerment Project, and am a committed ethical vegan.

I blog about music, politics, veganism, and travel at Goatless.