Mastodon Thoughts Worth Reading

Paul Stamatiou’s Thoughts on Twitter, Mastodon, and owning your data says many of the things I’ve been thinking but unable to articulate as I start stumbling into the Fediverse and the Indie Web. So much is focused on how one publishes (posting here, federating there, syndicating there) and not on the reader experience: how do … Read more


I know lots of folks picked up new hobbies during the pandemic era. We didn’t, but actually in the last few months have started to do jigsaw puzzles, inspired by this one which we sent to the 10up team late last year.

The Self-Hoster

Love this from @joe: Definitely a risk that getting into the fediverse results in lots of federated updates about federation ;) #mastodon #self-hosting #federation

Dipping my toes in the fediverse

Trying out the combination of ActivityPub, Friends, and WebFinger plugins for WordPress – should result in status updates on this blog ( being available for federation. For now, just working to make this work – believe I am @jeckman