Reblog via Chris Messina

16 years after the DiSo Project¹ kicked off² to turn WordPress blogs into identity hubs of a vast, open, and decentralized social web, ActivityPub (the successor to has now landed in core³.

This is huge for the fediverse! 🥳

Congrats @pfefferle!


Action this impact

When I shifted from academia to industry, I used to be very annoyed when people used “impacted”: as in “were you impacted?” I had always thought of “impacted” as being a way to describe wisdom teeth: “pressed firmly together” in a medical sense. I gave up on that one, and now find myself talking about … Read more

Reblog via Ben Werdmuller

I love Amber Case's framing of "truthy" tech: hype-driven technologies that promise too much too soon, are driven by FOMO, and are intriguing because of their depictions in popular culture. There are plenty of examples to choose from right now, and this is a great guide to spotting them.

Opting out of opting out

So I get (and appreciate) that brands are trying to be more sensitive in their messaging. But does it really help that in lieu of what might be two dozen Father’s Day promotional emails, we’re moving in the direction of this:

If I’m going to get a bunch of those for every potentially sensitive holiday (which is all of them in one way or another, isn’t it?) can I just unsubscribe altogether?