It’s Friday I’m In Love (For Nihilists)

As usual, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency Nails it: The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love For Nihilists I don’t care if Monday’s blue. God is dead. Or if Tuesday is utterly desaturated to the point where all choice is arbitrary, Wednesday too. Caroline Beach, at

Erik Modahl at Creative Mornings Boston

So this morning was another Creative Mornings Boston meetup in the Venture Café space at CIC HQ. The speaker was Erik Modahl of beantrust, a coffeebar and distribution company in Beverly. He started beantrust back in 2015 at CIC. If you’ve been to a #cmbos meetup in the last many years you’ve likely met Erik, … Read more

Dipping my toes in the fediverse

Trying out the combination of ActivityPub, Friends, and WebFinger plugins for WordPress – should result in status updates on this blog ( being available for federation. For now, just working to make this work – believe I am @jeckman