Puzzle: Ziggy Stardust

Via Rock Saws: Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars puzzle.

These album cover puzzles are a bit hit-and-miss. Because the original cover art was not designed to be a puzzle, there are often large volumes of just single color or very light texture. That isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself, but the way this series is made, the pieces also fit (or very nearly fit) together multiple ways, which, when there’s no visible differentiation, results in a maddening series of attempts – where you think a section is complete only to find it was completed the wrong way and has to be redone. (This one at least I completed – some others in the series I gave up on).

This series is produced by Rock Saws, owned by Zee Productions, which seems to have gone out of business.

Might have had better luck with the one from Imagination Games which is apparently double-sided. Check out RedisCover Jigsaw Puzzles – though I can’t tell if those are still being made, as the site they link to is no longer available.

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