Puzzle: Portland Lighthouse

From Serious Puzzles, this is a 1000 piece puzzle: Portland Lighthouse It’s Portland Breakwater Light aka Bug Light – didn’t see a photographer credit. Fun to do with multiple stright lights (horizon, fencing) and textured areas (stones, water, sunrise). Google image search shows lots of items with this image – maybe released into public domain?

American Mastodon

Sharing this American Mastodon (from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, during the WordCamp US after party) to celebrate this site being syndicated into the fediverse. That’s right, if you’re using Mastodon or a similar federated service, you should be able to follow @jeckman@johneckman.com – or use the follow link in the sidebar to the … Read more

Puzzle: Scandinavia

Puzzle from Re-Marks: Scandinavia 750 Piece. Re-Marks puzzles are available from lots of different resellers, including Amazon – check out their pop culture series including lots of “collage” puzzles made up of smaller images. (I think I got mine from Serious Puzzles). This is a random cut puzzle not ribbon cut with lots of interesting … Read more

Action this impact

When I shifted from academia to industry, I used to be very annoyed when people used “impacted”: as in “were you impacted?” I had always thought of “impacted” as being a way to describe wisdom teeth: “pressed firmly together” in a medical sense. I gave up on that one, and now find myself talking about … Read more