Managing an Agency Business 25: AI & Emerging Tech

Panel of four speakers and moderator
(left to right): Dale Bertrand, Mark Catalano, Justin Emond, Wassem Kawaf, and Ross Beyeler

Thanks to Third and Grove for hosting last night’s Managing an Agency Business (MAB) event about AI & Emerging Tech for agencies.

Panelists included:

Moderated by Ross Beyeler of Trellis.

Boston has such an embarrassment of riches in terms of smart agencies doing interesting work – it was a good panel with a balance of enthusiasm and caution about the impact AI tools have on agency workflows, product offerings, and the solutions we can build for ourselves and for clients (and their end customers).

I especially liked the notion of how a large language model (LLM) can be trained on first-party data an enterprise has access to: interactions with customers via chat, SMS, email, and voice – to identify sentiment, trends, concerns, and opportunities. AI isn’t just ChatGPT – it’s been around since (at least) World War II – but it is also shifting into a new phase.

To learn more about future events in the series there is a newsletter email signup at the MAB site. Hope to see these come back with more frequency.

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  1. Thanks John!

    It is an overview of the recent MAB event on AI & Emerging Tech for agencies, discussing insights from panelists and their thoughts on the impact of AI tools on agency workflows and solutions.


    1. The panel discussion highlighted the balance between enthusiasm and caution regarding the influence of AI tools on agency operations and client solutions.
    2. The concept of training large language models on first-party data was emphasized, enabling the identification of sentiments, trends, and opportunities from customer interactions.
    3. It notes that while AI has been present for a while, it is entering a new phase of evolution, indicating its ongoing transformative potential for various industries.


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