Erik Modahl at Creative Mornings Boston

Erik Modahl at Creative Mornings Boston

So this morning was another Creative Mornings Boston meetup in the Venture Café space at CIC HQ.

The speaker was Erik Modahl of beantrust, a coffeebar and distribution company in Beverly. He started beantrust back in 2015 at CIC. If you’ve been to a meetup in the last many years you’ve likely met Erik, as he’s been bringing the coffee, baked goods (from Bonny Breads, his daughter’s bakery, also in Beverly) and the authentic interest in community for some time.

What I love about Creative Mornings – and Erik’s a great example and model of this – is authentic interest in connecting with people: listening more than talking. It isn’t a “business networking” fest where people are scanning you badge from across the room to decide if you’re worth talking to – it’s a friendly gathering of folks interested in creativity.

Speaking of which, I also got to meet a bunch of interesting folks, including Cyndy Patrick, a local designer and illustrator (check out her work!) and Boyah J. Farah, who’s recent book (America Made Me a Black Man: A Memoir) I’ve added to my reading list.

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