Puzzle: Dahlias

We picked up a copy in a store on a trip to Maine, but you can find it here: Dahlias Puzzle by Workman Publishing. The solid color background is challenging but the puzzle as a whole was lots of fun to do. Frances Palmer is also a potter and I assume these are her vases … Read more

Reblog via Ben Werdmuller

I love Amber Case's framing of "truthy" tech: hype-driven technologies that promise too much too soon, are driven by FOMO, and are intriguing because of their depictions in popular culture. There are plenty of examples to choose from right now, and this is a great guide to spotting them. caseorganic.medium.com/how-to-

Puzzle: License Plates

Another one we picked up on a trip to Maine: License Plates by White Mountain Puzzles. Lots of colorful detail and high quality make – if (like me) you used to play the license plate game on road trips you may have an advantage. Maybe because White Mountain Puzzles made it, feels like there is … Read more

Puzzle: State Birds

Not sure where we picked this one up: Eurographics Puzzle: State Birds Started with the edges, then the title postcard in the top left, then the “stamps” because those were easier to sort out, then the state names and flags, then the bird illustrations, then filling in the gaps. It’s a great looking puzzle – … Read more