Iona Holloway at Creative Mornings Boston

Started the day today with Iona Holloway at Creative Mornings Boston – fantastic and moving talk. I’ll make a note to link to the video when it’s available.

Iona’s the author of Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink and the founder of Soul Breathwork. I won’t even try to tell her story here, but she’s a very powerful speaker and writer – you should definitely check out her work and see her give a talk if you get the chance.

Creative Mornings Title Slide with info about speaker and a QR code for Breathwork App called Soul

Check out Iona’s breathwork app called Soul

Iona Hlolloway with photo of her grandmother
Iona and her Gran
Iona Holloway with slide quote: The creative adult is the child who survived - Julian Fleron
Embracing your inner creative

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