Puzzle: State Birds

Not sure where we picked this one up: Eurographics Puzzle: State Birds Started with the edges, then the title postcard in the top left, then the “stamps” because those were easier to sort out, then the state names and flags, then the bird illustrations, then filling in the gaps. It’s a great looking puzzle – … Read more

Puzzle: Norman Rockwell Collage

Great puzzle of Norman Rockwell illustrations: Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell Collage by Masterpieces. If you’ve spent any time looking at the covers Rockwell did for the Saturday Evening Post, you know they are full of detail and narrative. (You can access the full cover archive at the Saturday Evening Post as a member) . … Read more

Puzzle: Butterflies

Another “impulse” purchase before the holidays in the line at Marshall’s – a “vintage” butterflies puzzle. Very intricate individual butterflies, all numbered and labelled at the bottom – very complicated puzzle to do but enjoyable.